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Raw Honey (Multiple Flavors)
or 4 interest-free payments of $3.00 with

Raw Honey (Multiple Flavors)
or 4 interest-free payments of $3.00 with

Product Details

  • Award Winning Raw Honey
  • Deliciously Spreadable
  • No Added Sugars or Artificial Ingredients
  • Completely Recyclable Packaging
  • A Portion of All Sales of Bare Honey Products is Donated to Non-profits on the Front Lines of Pollinator Defense

Raw Wildflower Honey - It has a mosaic of fruity, light and buttery flavors that blend and dance on your tongue.

Raw Lavender Blossom Honey - has a delicate, velvety texture with a warm, lingering, lavender blossom finish. Drizzle on tart berries and yogurt, or enjoy in a steamy tea latte on a cold day.

Hot & Spicy Honey - This honey is a smokin' creation with a bit of heat and the wild flavors from a top secret blend of chilies. It's not only hot, it has an amazing complexity of flavor. You will love this honey at first drizzle for every cooking, grilling, and snacking combination.

Cinnamon Spreadable Honey - Aromatic cinnamon and pure honey make the perfect match for a fruit dip or breakfast spread.

Vanilla Bean Spreadable Honey - is super smooth and downright addicting! It is infused with crushed vanilla beans to give you a warm supple flavor. 

Beekeeper’s Honey - All raw honey will eventually crystallize once it has been removed from the hive. The beautiful flavor of this Beekeeper’s Honey changes with the seasons as each batch is filled with a rotation of honeys from different nectar sources.

Bee Pollen Infused Honey - has been infused with a mix of spring, summer and fall pollen collected from hives throughout the entire growing season. Local raw honey is renowned for its allergy remediation benefits, due to the small amount of pollen that is naturally present in the honey.