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Spiceology Grill Seasonings (Multiple Flavors)
or 4 interest-free payments of $2.50 with

Spiceology Grill Seasonings (Multiple Flavors)
or 4 interest-free payments of $2.50 with

Product Details

Experiment with Flavor!

Flavors include:

Heatwave - According to James Beard-nominated chef, and resident gator chaser, Isaac Toups, the perfect burger is a balance of fat and acid… and his celebration of peppers seasoning, Heatwave. The perfect blend of black pepper, chile de Arbol, Aleppo pepper and salt adds just the right amount of heat. And, while this is technically a burger seasoning, try this delicious blend on beef, pork, poultry, fish, legumes and veggies. It’s even good in salsa.

Bada Bing - Move over wet brine, there’s an easier way to make delicious, juicy and crispy poultry… The Grill Dads Dry Brine Bird Baths. And, thanks to a combination of Italian spices created by Mark’s Nona (that’s right, he’s Italian underneath that giant beard), great flavors are as easy as Bada Bing, Bada Boom. Get it? That’s it's named… well, you get the point. Grill up (or roast) some Bada Bing chicken and add it to fresh pasta. That’s amoré.

Black Tuxedo - A Texas tradition, tuxedo blends enhance the flavor of whatever they’re added to. The perfect combination of salt, pepper and an added “kiss” of Mexican chocolate and activated charcoal, Black Tuxedo is The Grill Dads’ style of cooking at it’s best. Sophisticated and simple flavors that honor the food instead of overwhelming it… with a little bit of an unexpected flavor twist. 

White Tuxedo - If sour cream and onion potato chips are your favorite thing, this is your new favorite blend. The Grill Dads’ have created the perfect flavor enhancing balance of spicy horseradish and tangy vinegar to add to their classic salt and pepper Tuxedo blend. This blend is just as tasty on veggies as it is on proteins. No really, try it on ground beef, pork loin, loaded mashed potatoes, green veggies (hello, broccoli!) and any dips or sauces. Fire up the grill, you’ve got a dish to dress up.

Red Tuxedo - Ooooooweeeee! The Grill Dads’ Red Tuxedo blend is the perfect spicy combination of salt and pepper with an unexpected kick from some unique peppers. But, never fear, The Grill Dads are honoring the traditional Texan tuxedo philosophy of enhancing, not overwhelming flavors with this delicious blend. Feeling a tingle? That’s the Szechuan peppercorn doing its thing.

Fryclone - Chef Isaac Toups might be color blind, but he knows green chili, cheesy goodness when he tastes one. With parmesan, vinegar, horseradish and those simply delicious green chiles, this is the perfect flavor storm to shake on some hot fries, mac and cheese, popcorn, potatoes (even the baked kind) and veggies.

The Fall Guy - This ain’t no stunt, Maple Chili Dry Brine Bird Bath is the real flavor deal. Otherwise known as pre-salting, dry brining poultry is a great way to make easy delicious, juicy and crispy meat. The Grill Dads are packing in the flavor with the perfect combination of sweet maple sugar granules and spicy chili peppers. And, when you add maple sugar granules and chili pepper, you have the perfect chicken wing brine. Fun fact, the Grill Dads will tailgate anywhere.

Lemonade Thyme - Leave it to The Grill Dads to create the perfect way to make easy delicious, juicy and crispy poultry (or any bird for that matter) - Meet their Lemonade Thyme Dry Brine Bird Bath. This delicious combination of salt, sugar, and, you guessed it, lemon and thyme is an easy way to brine chicken.