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PLUS/REG KanCan Rock Your Body Mid Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans
or 4 interest-free payments of $13.75 with

PLUS/REG KanCan Rock Your Body Mid Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans
or 4 interest-free payments of $13.75 with

Product Details

** in fit video I said melissa preferred the 2xl but while she is photographed in the 2xl she prefers the fit of the 3xl as it gives more waist room** I'll update fit video when we're back from vacation! I took this before we left! 

Straight up babes - THIS IS A SEXY AF PAIR OF JEANS!! They are the pair you go to when you're feeling yourself and want to look HOT!  That dark wash paired with the perfect distressing is a fantastic combo for some sex appeal! PS these are a new version of our previous "sexy af" kancan skinnies! 

Fit: These are a medium weight denim with medium stretch! They are a skinny fit! 

SIZES 0-15 True to size! Please note while they are TTS and a medium rise, they are a lower rise than most of our jeans! 


XL: 14-16w 

2xl 18w that DOES NOT carry weight in tummy

3xl: 18w that carries weight in tummy and 20w that does not! 

(and plus girls I'm sorry that this isn't more inclusive! Kancan is moving to numerical sizing!!) 

If you're new to odd sizes, take your even and subtract 1! If you straddle two even sizes, your true size is the middle size.

FP Babes’ Sizing:

Alex (short blonde hair): TTS 3 with a very boxy figure and loves her true size! The rise is lower than her preference but loves these so much she tolerates it! 

Jessie (wavy blonde hair): TTS 5 with an hourglass figure and the 5 is perfection!!

Karly (Long blonde hair, skull shirt): TTS 1 with an athletic build! She prefers high rise so the rise was lower than her preference but the overall fit was great! 

Allyza (short black hair): TTS 7 with a curvy figure and the 7 was perfect. 

]Sarah (short brown hair): TTS 16W with a pear figure and the XL fit fantastic. She said it was slightly tight in her hips but not enough to size up 1. 

Melissa (short blonde hair): TTS 18w with an hourglass figure that carries weight in her tummy! She is photographed in the 2xl but would prefer the 3xl as the 2xl is tight in her tummy area. 


Rise (size 7): 8.5"
Inseam (size 7): 30"

Rise (size XL): 10.5"
Inseam (size XL): 30"

Fabric: 95% Cotton, 4% Polyester, 1% Lycra