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Candy Club Gummies (Multiple Options)
or 4 interest-free payments of $1.50 with

Candy Club Gummies (Multiple Options)
or 4 interest-free payments of $1.50 with

Product Details

These are Matt's FAVORITE treat we sell. If you've ever watched a live, you see how excited he gets about them. Plus we have so many delicious flavors it's not hard to see why!

Bubblegum Bottles: Coated in sour sugar, these mini gummies combine tutti frutti bubble gum taste with toothsome gummy texture for a deliciously unique and totally addictive candy experience. Non-GMO.

Big Apples: This candy tastes like a fresh-picked green apple with a tart sour taste and a lightly sanded sugar coating. Fresh and delicious! Enjoy the flavor of green apples with a bold sour gummy twist when you try our fruit-shaped gummy. Gluten Free.

Big Bananas: With their fun shape, squishy texture, sanded sugar coating, and mellow tropical flavor, these tasty gummies are an a-peel-ing snack sure to make you go - wait for it...BANANAS!

Blossom: Blossoming gummies in an array of flower shapes are a breath of fresh air. Each flower gummy candy brings a different fruity flavor for you to enjoy!

Blush Bears: Deliciously chewy bears blushing with a mix of fruit-flavored goodness

Bookworms: Pucker up for a sour take on our sweet gummy worms. Each Bookworm is dusted with a sour coating giving it a tart bite. Flavors include blue raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry, and green apple. 

Candy Corn: Trick and treat yourself with marvelously festive morsels that have the look and flavor of traditional candy corn, but the texture of a fluffy marshmallow/gumdrop hybrid!

Chili Hots: Don’t be fooled by their initial sweetness; a few bites of these wild gummies will have you feeling the heat! Fun, tasty, and totally unique, we predict these popular peppers will be poppin’.

Cosmic Sours: Moon and Star fruit-flavored gummies covered in a shimmery sour sugar coating. Each piece of Cosmic Sours will send your taste buds out of this world. Perfect for themed gifts, astrology and space lovers, or 'just because' a sour shooting star never tasted so good!

Dinos: Sweet gummies in fun dinosaur shapes - They're the tricera-tops! So delicious, they'll make (pre)history, these yummy gummies feature five fruit flavors in four dino varieties: stegosaurus, brontosaurus, triceratops, and T-Rex. Perfect for themed parties!

Dolphin Buddies: These dolphin gummy candies are exploding with blue raspberry flavor and covered in sour sugar. Experience a "sea" of delight with each bite. Shop Now!

Dragon Eggs: Mystical dragon eggs cracking with a chewy, sour watermelon core!

Flutter: Don't let these pretty candies flutter by! Filled with bold fruit flavor, these baby gummies taste as delightful as they look!

Fruit Salad: Sophisticated and sweet, these succulent jelly fruits are infused with real pear, raspberry, lime, black currant and orange juices!

Fruit Slices: Little slices of heaven, these succulent citrus-flavored gummies are made with wholesome non-GMO ingredients and colored with natural vegetable extracts!

Jelly Pretzels: Bursting with bright, intense raspberry flavor, these delectable pretzel-shaped jellies are sure to twist your tastebuds up with delight!

Lemonade Rings: Ring in a new era of deliciousness with these non-GMO gummies! Featuring classic, strawberry, and pomegranate lemonade flavors, their uniquely delicious taste and texture will keep you coming back!

Lemonade Straws: A little sweet, a little sour, and totally addictive, these naturally flavored pink straws are sure to disappear quicker than lemonade on a hot summer’s day! Vegan friendly.

Lobsters: Get your claws on these plump, juicy, cherry-flavored gummy candy! 

Peach Hearts: Get that warm, fuzzy feeling with sweet-tart, peach-flavored gummy hearts

Pink Piglets: Go ham on these adorable sour gummy piggies! Infused with sweet-tart berry flavor, these little piglets pack serious lip-smacking sour power to make you squeal with delight! Non-GMO.

Pineapple Rings: Tropical candy refreshment at your fingertips (or on your fingers)! These sweet, chewy candy rings are filled with bright, juicy pineapple flavor to give you that summer feeling all year round!

Rainbow Blox: These rainbow roll-ups surround sweet vanilla creme with a colorful band of sweet-tart flavor. Pretty, unique, and oh-so tasty!

Rainbow Twistettes: Twisted in red, green, blue, orange, yellow and purple stripes, and filled with a pleasantly tart sour center... this unique treat puts a wild spin on traditional licorice!

Rainbow Wheels: Double the fun with these tightly-coiled, double-sided licorice laces! Unwind the bold, two-toned strings, or pop the whole wheel in your mouth for a fruity flavor explosion!

Raspberry Puffs: Soft and chewy, these blue and white, sugar-sanded raspberry gummy drops are bursting with flavor! When you open them up you'll smell the heady aroma of juicy raspberries! Blue Raspberry Puffs have a captivating raspberry-creme flavor while boasting a gummy, marshmallow-like texture.

Snow Crystals: Pretty gummy snowflakes in pineapple, watermelon, and blue raspberry flavors.

Sour Bears: With three layers of multicolored fruit flavor and a head-to-toe dusting of sour sugar, these sweet-tart candies provide triple the taste sensation of every-day gummy bears!

Sour Pink Cadillacs: Go on a wild ride with this Candy Club exclusive candy! These Cadillac shaped gummies are covered in a thrilling sour sugar and full of delicious fruity flavor!

Sour Twin Cherries: Plump and juicy with a pleasantly tart tang, these cheery cherries are the quintessential sour gummy treat. Let them be the cherry on top of your day!

Sour Cherry Cola: Soda pop shaped gummy bottles that are covered in "fizzy" sour sugar and bursting with classic cherry cola flavor!

Sour Octopus: Get ready for adventure! These exhilarating fruit flavored sour gummies will be swimming into your heart and your tummy. Who knew octopus could be so scrumptious?!

Sour Strawberries: Soft and chewy, these pink and white, sugar-sanded strawberry gummy drops are bursting with flavor!  When you open up a cup, you'll smell the enticing aroma of juicy strawberries! These soft and chewy Strawberry Puffs are half gummy, half marshmallow for a fun and tasty experience!

Starfish Sweeties: Pretty, sweet, and full of beachy fun, these delightful gummy starfish will have you starry-eyed! Sit back, relax, and enjoy their delicious tropical fruit flavors. Our Non-GMO Starfish Sweeties should be on every gummy fan's radar.

Strawberry Wheels: Unwind and enjoy, or bite right into these tight coils of red licorice laces. Either way, we know you'll wheely love their classically delectable taste and texture!

Tropical Drops: A tropical oasis in a poppable "drop." These delightfully chewy rounds are filled with the exotic flavors of pineapple and coconut.

Jellyshell Sea Turtles: Chewy, gummy, and bursting with fruity flavor, you’ll turtle-y love these sweet and juicy reptile-shaped treats. Come out of your shell and take a bite of these sweet gummy sea turtles filled with a jelly, strawberry surprise!

Unicorns: Light and airy gummies in a mystically delicious array of fruity flavors. Take a magical ride with the rarest of candy — gummy unicorns! These fruity-flavored divine creatures are part marshmallow, part gummy to create a unique texture that is as magical as a unicorn!

Volcanos: Fall in 'lava' with these fun gummies that are positively erupting with sweet-tart flavor! With their unique shape and pretty colors, they’re also great for decorating your favorite candy crafts!

Watermelon Slices: Great tasting watermelon flavored jelly candies, with a dusting of sour sugar, are mini versions of the real thing without the seeds! These candies even have a green colored “rind” that is tasty sweet too! Watermelon Slices gummy candies are bursting with bold and juicy watermelon flavor. Gluten Free.


8 oz jar.